Zookeeper Saves Dr.owning Orangutan And Gives It CPR After It Fell In Moat

A quick-thinking zookeeper res.cued an orangutan from a moat after it fell in while attempting to collect food tossed by a visitor. Last Friday, the hero plunged into the ocean at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc on Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s biggest island, in incredible footage. The monkey is shown in the video attempting to scramble down a concrete slope going into the moat but instead falls in.

The orangutan may be seen fighting in the water before vanishing beneath the surface. The zookeeper instantly takes action, throwing in a lifebuoy before diving under the water to pull the orangutan back to the surface. He drags the monkey over to the ramp and out of the water. More footage shows the zookeeper performing CPR on the orangutan in an attempt to resuscitate it.

The orangutan survived and is currently in a stable condition, according to the zoo, which is home to roughly 3,000 animals. According to a zoo spokeswoman, visitors are advised not to feed the animals unless explicitly permitted, yet many individuals disregard the warnings nevertheless. Orangutans appear to have lost their innate ability to swim after living in trees, but they may learn in a similar fashion to humans.
Orangutans in zoos have recently made news for various reasons.

Hasanal Arifin, 19, walked into an ape enclosure at the Kasang Kulim Zoo in Riau, Indonesia, to photograph a ‘funny’ scene. But the orangutan, known as Tina, had other plans. Tina can be seen extending her lengthy arm through the cage and seizing hold of the helpless adolescent in shocking footage. She draws him in with his shirt before clamping down on his leg. The adolescent may now come to regret his decision to cross the barrier.

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