Zoo Visitor Instantly Regrets Taunting An Orangutan For A Selfie

This zoo visitor will never forget jumping over a zoo fence and teasing an orangutan in front of her face. Hasanal Arifin, 19, claimed he merely walked into the large orange ape’s enclosure at Kasang Kulim Zoo in Riau, Indonesia, to film a ‘funny’ scene.

The orangutan, thought to be Tina, had other plans. Tina can be seen extending her lengthy arm through the cage and seizing hold of the helpless adolescent in shocking footage.

She draws him in with his shirt before clamping down on his leg. Tina had complete control over Hasanal, pushing his leg higher and higher and even biting him through the bars.

Desrizal, the zoo’s manager, criticized the kid, telling local media, ‘What occurred on Monday afternoon, the visitor hopped into the orangutan cage fence to capture a video without the officer’s authorization.’

By jumping over the railing and kicking the orangutan, the tourist has broken the regulations.

‘This is extremely haz.ardo.us and in violation of the guidelines,’ he continued. ‘We’ve already disciplined him. Please abide by the guidelines.’

Hasanal later apologized and expressed sorrow for his actions, saying, ‘I apologise to the Kasang Kulim Zoo for jumping the fence, and I apologies for the viral video.’

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