World’s Oldest Two-Headed Tortoise Celebrates His 25th Birthday And Sets World Record

Janus, the two-headed turtle, with two different personalities. Janus has two heads that house two distinct personas, yet he only has one name.

Janus, the two-headed turtle, has captivated audiences for over two decades.
The world’s oldest living two-headed turtle is celebrating his 25th birthday. Janus was born in 1997 at the Geneva Natural History Museum in Switzerland. He is currently the official mascot of the museum.

He has two hearts and two lung pairs.
Janus’ digestive system is shared by both of his heads. His right head directs his legs on the right side of his shell, while his left head directs them on the left. “His motions are not totally synchronized; the two heads do not always agree on the direction and occasionally try to go alternative courses,” Bourgoin said to euronews.

Janus also has two distinct personas. Angelica Bourgoin, Janus’ carer, claims that one of Janus’ heads is clearly greedier than the other.

“The right brain is more inquisitive, aware, and has a lot greater personality.” “The left brain is more passive and enjoys eating,” Bourgoin told Reuters. Bourgoin and her colleagues believe he is the world’s oldest tortoise.

Janus would in the wild since he cannot withdraw his head back into his shell.

This makes it impossible for him to hide from pr.ed.ators.
Janus is now living the life of a spoiled turtle.
He exclusively eats organic food, albeit one of his heads loves endives while the other prefers carrots.
Janus also gets massages on a regular basis and bathes in green tea and chamomile.
He enjoys going for frequent walks to get some fitness.
He also enjoys listening to music. It makes him feel better.

He’ll even go around on his custom skateboard like a cool dude on occasion.
“I think he’s still alive today because of the care we give him and our dedication,” Bourgoin added. Janus is the only one who does not have privacy. He’s constantly watched to make sure he doesn’t roll over.


This might be de.adly for Janus.
Janus, on the other hand, is a warrior. In 2020, he survived a bladder stone procedure. He does require the application of petroleum jelly to his head on occasion. When they rub together, they get painful. According to ZME Science, Janus is a member of the Greek spurt-thighed tortoise species.

In their native habitats, these tortoises have been known to live for more than 120 years, and even up to 200 years.
In confinement as pets, the life expectancy is drastically reduced to 50 to 100 years. Janus is a Greek turtle named after the Roman God Janus.


According to Wikipedia, Janus is a two-faced Roman deity with two distinct personas who is recognized as a god of beginnings, gates and gateways, transitions, dualism, and endings.

Janus was lavished with attention on his 25th birthday at the museum where tourists may view him.

In the video below, you may learn more about Janus the tortoise and his two heads.

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