Wonderful Goose Becomes The Proud Nanny Of Her Bestie’s Puppies – Dog Stories

The dog and the goose in this tale are a fantastic example, their unique friendship will heat up your heart for certain. The goose was rescued by the dog’s owner when she was just a small baby, but the size doesn’t stop Samoyed from falling in love with her two-legged friend. Their bond bloomed right at that moment and just gets stronger with time.

When a mama Samoyed gave birth to six babies, a resident goose developed her own maternal instincts and made sure to help out with the care for the pups.
Goose can be seen watching over the puppies while they’re sleeping in their kennel, and at one point, she even seems to move her beak as an indication that she’s counting them all!

But she doesn’t just sit and watch from the sidelines. The goose also lets herself become a climbing frame for the little pups, and she doesn’t seem in the least bit impatient.

People took to the comments with their love for the caring goose, with one person saying:

“For anyone who says geese are always mean and don’t get along with others, this proves them wrong!”

Another joked about what the goose would say if she could talk:

“Trust me, if anything looks like it’s going to mess with your pups, I will make it wish it had never been born. Honk.”

As time goes by, the unlikely duo continues to grow up side by side. The floof always keeps her eyes on the gosling, and the gosling likes to hang out with her fᴜrry companion too. They eat, sleep, play together, and do everything human best friends love to do! The two are just so close that sometimes it seems like they forget there is still a poodle in the house.

Their friendship has been raised to another level as the gorgeous doggo gives birth to six beautiful puppies who resemble their mommy, and this incredible goose has done an excellent job looking after the newborns just like a real nanny. ‘Cause, you know, “love me, love my puppies”!



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