Woman Terrified By 6ft King Cobra In Her Bath – And It’s All Her Husband’s Fault

Torie du Preez, 55, had the sh.ock of her life when she returned home early from a shopping excursion to find a big snake lurking in the bathroom. A guy and his wife were left in hot water when he placed a poisonous king cobra snake in the bath after finding it on a construction site. Andre du Preez, 54, was sent to apprehend the six-foot serpent after it was disturbed from its hiding spot and was at risk of freezing to de.ath.

The jail service provider then brought the snake home and gave it a warm bath before leaving to construct a heated terrarium glass tank for it. But he had no idea his wife Tossie, 55, had come home early from a shopping excursion until he heard her screaming and the slamming of the bathroom door. As a pastime, Andre res.cues snakes and releases them into the fields of trustworthy farmers distant from the community homes. The father-of-two from South Africa’s Western Cape has been trapping snakes for 35 years and estimates that he res.cues 250 to 300 of the reptiles each year.

“I knew I was in for it when I heard all the screaming,” he claimed, “but I had only planned to allow the snake a few minutes to warm up and I assumed she’d be gone half an hour.” She isn’t very tall, but she has a fury and is more dan.ger.ous than a cobra!” I knew a good warm bath with some particular salts in it would heat up the snake and save its life when it was dislodged from its hibernating location.

“Tossie stated I’d want to create a bath in my own area of the home for my snakes.” If she discovers another one in the bath, her 32-year marriage may be in jeopardy! “I don’t charge for saving the snakes, and they’re all carefully put on farmland where I know they’ll be safe, and the only way I receive help saving them is through contributions.” They are usually Cape cobras, puff adders, and boomslangs, all of which are very poisonous and possibly l.e.t.h.al, but handle them with care and you’ll be OK.”
“I was rushing for the lavatory when I got home from the shopping and had just gone in when I heard this big hissing and a king cobra sprang out from the bath,” Tossie explained. “I yelled, and it blew up its hood, and I went out the door, slamming it shut, and Andre had more than a hazy sense that I wasn’t very happy with him.” Only six months earlier, I was on the toilet in a similar circumstance when the three-foot-long monitor lizard he’d put in the bath started crawling over the top and staring at me. “He has 67 snakes of his own plus tarantulas and reptiles – but I tell him to keep them in his own part of the house.”

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