Woman Takes Photo Of Giant Snake And Later Realizes He Was Hiding Something

Jessica was out trekking with her dog and boyfriend along the I & M Canal south of Chicago recently, keeping an eye out for wild creatures. On her treks, she has captured a variety of species and enjoys adding new images to her collection. “I like to photograph creatures, intriguing or lovely insects, birds, flowers, landscapes, and skyscapes,” Jessica (who requested anonymity) told The Dodo. “I just like being outside in the middle of it all, and I want photos for souvenirs and memories.”

Jessica was hiking and looking for wildlife when she discovered precisely what she was looking for – a huge snake hanging out on a floating log approximately 4 feet in front of her. “[He] was basically at my feet,” Jessica explained. The snake was perfectly calm and coated in moss and leaves from the water. Jessica, not wanting to remain too long, hastily grabbed a shot and went on, allowing the snake to repose in peace. She didn’t get a good look at him since she didn’t want to bother him, but she was glad to have the photograph to remember the event.

Jessica later returned to the photo and discovered the huge snake had been hiding something. He wasn’t a huge snake at all, but rather two lesser snakes sitting out on a log together. Jessica didn’t get a good look at the snakes since they were well concealed, so it’s easy to understand how she missed this key fact. She couldn’t help but giggle when she noticed there were two snakes in the shot after carefully studying it. The snakes had unintentionally pulled a practical joke on Jessica, and it had certainly brightened her day.

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