Woman Spots Random Bear Hilariously Living Its Best Life

Everyone requires a little indulgence now and then. Even creatures in the wild. That’s why one black bear felt he’d struck gold when he discovered a luxurious mattress to lay on in a dump near Kingfisher Lake, Ontario.

Black bears are frequently seen in northern Ontario.
A rubbish dump is also an excellent place for a black bear to relax. However, this black bear seems to value his do.wntime more than looking for food. Keira Mamakwa wasn’t expected to encounter a black bear at about 5 p.m. on a warm evening when visiting the dump 500 kilometers north of Thunder Bay.

But she was astonished to see him relaxed on the mattress, “simply vibing,” as she put it on Facebook.
She was just around 15 feet away from the bear, but she found it so amusing that she had to photograph it. “Bears are extremely amusing around here,” she remarked.

Her post was shared around 6,000 times.
The bear did not appear to like all of the attention. He peered up at her at one point, as if irritated that she was interfering with his comfortable time. “He’s like, ‘D.amn, is this memory foam?” one person commented on the Facebook post.

“Wouldn’t that be nice in her cave for hibernation?” said another.

“One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure,” and so on. Black bears are the most abundant and widespread bear species in North America.

They can be found in woodland areas, on the seashore, and in the alpine zone.
In diverse areas’ black bears may have quite different diets, denning habits, and life cycles. Their actions might also differ. In Ontario, black bears are rather prevalent.

“Not every bear sighting is an emergency.” “Here’s who to contact if you come across a bear,” says the website ontario.ca.

Only contact 911 if there is an urgent threat to personal safety or if the bear demonstrates thr.eat.ening or violent behavior in Ontario.

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