Wildlife Photographer Gets Mobbed By The Most Adorable Meerkat Family

Nick Kleer, a South African wildlife photographer, and environmentalist have experienced a wide range of amazing species in his work.

He does, however, appear to have formed an unusual bond with a bunch of endearing and humorous meerkats.

On the Twitter post where he described this exchange, he received the following really humorous comment:

“As a wildlife photographer, you want to fit in with your surroundings so you don’t scare the animals away.”
There’s little doubt Kreer succeeded in his mission if blending in was the goal!

Kleer is seen lying on the ground with his camera and a meerkat sitting atop his head in the Hilarious video.

A swarm of the fluffy animals gradually encircles the sly photographer. They look completely comfortable with him and interact with him as if he were a natural part of the terrain.

They didn’t appear to mind that a person was entering their natural environment, and they were even observed utilizing him as high ground to gain a better perspective of what was going on around them.

Kleer has previously had several experiences with South African meerkats.
The wildlife photographer has shared a lot of material with him and his fuzzy meerkat pals, and it appears that they have developed a good bond over the course of their time together.

“As you can see, I got up and personal with these beautiful tiny animals,” Kleer said on Instagram.
“An experience I will never forget, and an amazing honor to get to know these young ones better.”

In another, he referred to them as “the prettiest animals on the earth.” If he hasn’t already, he has most likely persuaded the whole internet.
All due to his gorgeous candid films of them playing, napping, exploring, and generally being cute; see more of his wonderful work on Instagram here.

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