Watch The Astonishing Moment A Python Swallows A Large Possum Whole After Capturing It Up A Tree

Sh.ock.ed witnesses filmed the extraordinary moment a python devoured a possum entire while dangling from a tree limb on video.

The long diamond-back python suffocated the Australian by wrapping its silky body firmly around it before devouring it from head to tail.

Witnesses gasp in astonishment as the huge ring-tail possum lies motionless in the grasp of its at.ta.cker in the disturbing video clip. Pauline Gulleford sat at home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for an hour, watching the snake consume the possum.

‘I’m hoping it was quick,’ she says.

‘This certainly occurs a lot around here and we’d never know,’ said a man.

The individuals recording wonder how large the snake is because just half of its body is visible.

‘It seems similar to the one in our room; I’m guessing it’s approximately 2m?’ they inquire. ‘It doesn’t appear to be as long, but I can’t see much of it,’ remarked another observer.

Bystanders agree that the snake is “thin” in relation to the huge marsupial it is attempting to consume.
‘You’d wonder, “How on Earth can that enormous possum get into that tight mouth?”… ‘That’s not a large snake,’ observed a bystander.

This type of snake may grow to be 1.8 meters long, and on rare occasions 2.8 meters long. The python is usually ornamented with cream and yellow dots on numerous individual scales, forming the diamond pattern after which it is named.

The python is known to coil around their victim during eating, as shown in the video, squeezing them until they suffocate.

They, like other snakes, can swallow creatures considerably larger than the diameter of their own heads and are frequently seen under private property roofs until all food sources are removed from the region.

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