Watch First Moments Of Newly-Hatched Baby Cobra

A remarkable video of a newly born cobra has gone viral on the internet. While this tiny snake, or “snakelet,” is attractive, make no mistake: if agitated by the handler, it may unleash a lethal blow. This seemingly harmless snake has fa.tal poison right out of the shell.

Elapid snakes, such as coral snakes, cobras, mambas, sea snakes, and kraits, are members of the Elapid family. The shows of rearing upward and expanding their neck-flap, as well as persistent small, hollow fangs at the front of their mouths, distinguishes the family of poisonous snakes.

These snakes are among the most dangerous in the world, with strongly neurotoxic venom that immobilizes prey by causing cellular dam.age and cardiac malfunction. Some species of the family also have venom that contains hemotoxins, which cause the victim’s bl.o.od to clot and harden.

Hatchling venom is as strong as adult venom, and hatchlings are exceedingly vigilant and frightened. When they are upset, they are also more prone to become violent. While this tiny snakelet is cute, we would never advocate handling one.

Human handling is both stressful and hazardous for the newborn reptile. Observing animals from a safe distance is always the most responsible approach unless you genuinely need to intervene for the animal’s benefit. Baby snakes like these may and do attack straight away.

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