Villagers K.i.ll 20ft Monster Python And Cook It For Food

A female monster python and her male ma.ting mate were by hungry locals who grilled it for food. A 20-foot female python and a little male python were while ma.ting by hungry villagers who sl.ic.ed them up and fried them in a stir fry. The event occurred in Malaysia’s Borneo island. According to the Dailymail, the locals discovered the couple inside a fallen tree while on a hunting excursion last Saturday.


The gang heard unusual noises emanating from within the dried-out hollow wood as they passed. They chopped through the bark with a chainsaw and were delighted to see the romping lizards, which are considered a delicacy in the isolated Sarawak region.

Before the monsters were shot and loaded into a truck, other guys dragged them out. They were thereafter fed to the famished townfolk. Python is traditionally roasted over a fire or cooked in a skillet with veggies before being served with rice. Tinsung Ujang, 60, who discovered the duo, said people in Bintulu near the Kelawit River would feast on the flesh for days.

‘I glanced down into the hole in the wood and was astonished to find the female snake ma.ting with a tiny male snake,’ he explained.

‘We had to break the wood to get to them, and it was tough to get the snakes out because of their size and location.’ They were joined at the hip.

‘I was even more startled because I had never seen snakes ma.ting before, let alone a five-meter-long big python like this.’ The male python was rather little. It was an incredible incident, and I continued to film the two reptiles because it is an unusual cuisine that is also our favorite food in our town.’


Tinsung claimed he was hailed with shouts when he returned to town with the pythons on the back of a pick-up truck.

‘The snake flesh was then separated and handed evenly to villages and surrounding agricultural workers,’ says the report.

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