Unexpected Meeting Of All Three And Unexpected Ending For The Python


Watch the tense moment when a python notices a foraging shrub nearby and begins following it for a possible meal.

Only the snake’s head was visible at first, but as it began to protrude from the limb it was sleeping on, it became evident that this was a really huge python.

The snake gently emerged from the tree and circled the trunk toward the grazing shrub.
During that period, the python moved closer and closer to the bush, eventually remaining less than 1m away.

When the python raised its head, you could see its tongue sliding in and out of its mouth, tasting the air.

Its horns appeared to become caught in a little shrub it was going for, and it was only then that it noticed the snake.

Surprisingly, the antelope was not alarmed; instead, it quietly backed away from the python and wandered away peacefully.

When the snake fled the scene, it turned and rushed right into the tree.

As the snake made its way back to the tree, he observed another, much smaller snake in the same tree from where the python had come.

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