Two Terrified Stray Pups Clung To Each Other With Swollen Bellies

This is the story of two forlorn puppies that were discovered wandering the streets with bulging bellies. Because the dogs were, their levels of a crucial blood protein called albumin were extremely low.

Fortunately, the two canines were discovered barely in time by rescuers, who rushed them to a vet facility. Because they had never been around humans, the dogs were terrified of them. So they merely gazed at one wall while clinging to another.

However, the puppies were inspected by the vet, who discovered that they had an.e.m.ia from mal.n.our.ish.ment and ticks. The canines would require significant care, including blo.od tra.nsfusions.

The vet next drained the fluid from the puppies’ bloated stomachs after sedating them to prevent them from feeling, as this was a highly risky process. Fortunately, everything worked perfectly, and the puppies finally woke up and ate a normal meal. They currently adore their caregivers and will be offered for adoption after they have recovered entirely. What a satisfying conclusion!

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