Two Stray Cats Were Wandering The Streets Together They Don’t Want To Be Separated Even After They’ve Been Rescued

A family from Montreal, Canada found the kittens outside without a cat mother. They were just a few weeks old, scrounging around for food and looking out for each other. They needed help and a home.

One day, I was strolling the Bosphorus Canal, and I saw something I’d never imagined possible: two beautiful cats just cuddling each other, inseparable. I’ve never seen any cats, let alone strays behave like this. As I quickly snapped photos, I wondered if anyone would believe this animal friendship wasn’t staged but then, who could ever possibly pose cats like this?

Stefany, a local rescuer, picked them up and safely transported them to Chatons Orphelins Montréal for a chance at a better life. The kittens were taken to the vet where they received the medical attention they needed.

The brother and sister were very close from the start. They are the happiest when they have each other. Callie the sister (gray) is the braver of the two, and Gusto the brother (ginger) likes to follow suit in what she does.

“They settled into their foster home and started running around, enjoying the fun,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared.

When they are not scampering across the room, playing and wrestling, they are napping together near their foster parents. The two siblings learned to eat solid food from a dish together and quickly adjusted to indoor life.

They are like partners in .c.rime, creating all sorts of mischief and antics around the house.

“They are sweet, gentle, and friendly. They are very close but have different personalities,” Celine said. “Callie loves people and enjoys cuddling with them.”

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