Two Missing Pet Dogs Found… Inside The Belly Of 22ft Python

In north-eastern Thailand, a huge snake was caught carrying two dogs in its stomach. The 22-foot-long python was discovered in a wasteland with a large bulge in its belly, and residents suspect it fed on stray and domestic animals. On July 9, the huge serpent was seen writhing through abandoned building debris in a deserted area in Sisaket province.

Animal handlers are shown taking it out of an ornate nest it had made behind a mound of old concrete pillars in video footage. ‘It was one of the largest snakes we had seen thus far,’ said one, Piyachat Charoensopha. The python may have spent some time in that area, feeding on stray animals.’

Piyachat went on to say that a villager was seeking their two missing pet dogs, which were most likely the critters inside the snake’s stomach. ‘A villager was seeking two dogs,’ he added. We believe it was the missing pets since there were two dogs inside the snake.’

The snake was quickly identified due to its size – and it could hardly move due to the size of its most recent meal. It was then sent to a rehabilitation facility where it would be cared for by veterinarians. Thailand is home to several python species, including the reticulated python, which is the world’s longest snake. In 2021, a farmer in Chon Buri province discovered another 20-foot-long python that took eight rescuers to retrieve from the crops.

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