Touching Story Of Cat Adopts Dog As A Mother Until The Dog Dɪᴇs

Dogs and cats are two very affectionate animals, it is not necessarily true to say that they hate each other like dogs and cats, in many cases, mother dogs have taken care of kittens or they are normal life partners. same friendly.

Recently, a user Fb shared a touching story about a mother dog carrying and raising a cat that made many people cry:

“Min” was the one who came before his father brought him home. “Min” is very gentle. Barking loudly. The story of “Meo” is more complicated. One rainy night, the next morning when I was sleeping, I heard Min playing with someone and kept running around. I can’t sleep, I’m so angry I open the door to see one The little yellow cat came from nowhere to play real with Min.

“Min is always so happy and so excited when a new foster arrives, and he spends so much time watching them, cleaning them and winning them over,” Laura Tindal, Meo’s mom, told. “They play, cuddle and amuse each other, which is so important for [Meo’s] mental stimulation.”

The two are very close. Everywhere we go, we are together. But the cat that cleans often has a bad smell in my house, so I am very angry or scold him for being a stupid cat. Until the day Min gave birth to a child, Meo was ignored. Min won’t let Meo get close to her baby. Meo wants to sleep together again, but Min won’t let me sleep with him.

“He’s not the kind of dog to just lie quietly on his bed for hours,” she added. “He gets bored quickly and needs things to do.”

The Meo kept going in and out, glimmering. After all, when Min’s children were a month old, Min was caught by a thief right in front of his house.

Very pitiful. Poor little hungry dogs crying. As for Meo, every night she sat in front of her house screaming and waiting for Min.

It kept coming near the puppies to wait for Min. Felt terrible. Every day he called, coming home from work to find him sitting in front of the yard waiting. Then I sold all the puppies because I couldn’t keep them. The only remaining Meo is sad.

Sadly, it left, and it’s not at my house often anymore. It goes anywhere and then at night or when there is no one at home, it comes back. In the afternoon, I still see him lying down waiting for Min at the place where we often sunbathe together. Poor two kids. It’s sad to see.”



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