Too Hungry And Exhausted, Stray Kittens Won’t Stop Hugging Each Other Waiting For Rescued

Feral cats are often very pitiful, especially those born to be wandering around in society. When they are not cared for and loved from a young age, they will be very lonely, thereby forming a fearful and stealthy personality that does not dare to meet people.

A girlfriend named Nicky shared a picture and a pitiful story of two feral cats when they met on the street, the image of two cats hugging and comforting each other has made many people cry,

When Nicky have go to school back home, the girl caught the extremely cute scene of a black cat hugging her brother. Two homeless cats wandered around and stopped at a small pile of garbage, looked and smelled once, then suddenly hugged each other and licked each other lovingly as if encouraging each other: “Fighting my bro, we’ll be fine.”

After that, they were fed and taken care of by a group of young people. Right under the post, many people shed tears as well as sympathized with this moment. Perhaps because they were not born as lucky as other cats, the two of them had to suffer a tragic situation.

Hope they will have a better life in the future, it’s lucky to meet warm-hearted people out there, but the great affection of the feral cats makes us say that it’s so warm pressure

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