Tiny Grey Langur Shows His Beautiful Blue Eyes During Stunning Close-Up

This small newborn monkey may be new to the world, but he does not appear to be camera-shy.

When the small grey langur infant was photographed near his birthplace in India, he already had a set of stunning deep blue eyes.

The infant creature was photographed with other wild monkeys near the Indian city of Bhubaneshvar by Russian photographer Sotskov Nikolay.

Although the 29-year-old amateur photographer captured this gorgeous newborn langur in India, the species can be found all the way from the Himalayas to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and even Afghanistan.


Grey langurs prefer the tallest branches of trees, but while living in human contexts, they have been observed perching on the tops of towers and even electric poles.

Some rarer species of grey langurs have vul.ner.able conservation status, with only a few hundred left in the world, although India is expected to have about 300,000 langurs.

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