This ‘Six-Legged Bird’ Is Actually A Devoted Father Hiding His Tiny Chicks From Danger

A photographer recorded the amazing moment a protective father bird shields his chicks from predators by wrapping the little flock under his feathers.

The beautiful photos depict a fluffy African Jacana scooping up his young after detecting danger, leaving only the children’s legs dangling out of his feathers.

Jose Fragozo, from Johannesburg, South Africa, captured them in Kruger National Park in his own country.

‘In the first photograph, the African Jacana and his three babies frolic on water lily leaves,’ Jose explained.

However, the father detects danger and protectively shields the chicks behind his wings before waddling away from the situation.

‘It was hilarious. I’d never seen anything like that before; it was adorable.’

He was such a kind father, but he was clearly irritated that his chicks had gotten themselves into trouble again.’

The bird appears to grow greatly as his chicks seek shelter beneath him, yet the tiny feathered siblings cling to their father and their legs can be seen dangling barely over the water.

The chicks appear well shielded as they submerge beneath his feathers, and their brighter yellow tones become undetectable to the predator that appears to have made itself known to their father.

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