This Sanctuary Captures An Incredible Moment 34-Year-Old Orangutan Learns To Wash Her Hands

While most of us already know this, it’s worth repeating: cleaning your hands can help prevent catching and spreading the coronavirus. Unless you are unable to wash your hands with soap, there is no need to purchase a hand sanitizer. All you have to do is clean your hands well for at least 20 seconds and you’re ready to go.

Center For Nice Apes provides a great video to motivate you to take care of your personal hygiene if you need a better illustration of how it’s done. A video of an orangutan named Sandra recently went viral. What drew the most attention to the film was Sandra’s ability to wash her hands appear to enjoy doing so.

The primate, 34, was photographed cleaning the front and rear of her hands with soapy water. The orangutan sanctuary captioned the video, “She clearly cleaned her hands for more than 20 seconds, nice job Sandra!” She afterward began to tidy her surroundings and soon decided she’d had enough duties for the day.

People applauded her for setting a good example for those of us who struggle to remember to wash our hands. Sandra, the orangutan with impeccable personal cleanliness, was born at Germany’s Rostock Zoologischer Garten. She spent the majority of her life in Buenos Aires, where she was forced to live alone because there were no other orangutans to provide her company.

Sandra was fortunate enough to be given legal personhood by an Argentine judge, entitling her to improved living conditions. She came to the Center for Great Apes in November 2019, where she currently resides with 22 other orangutans. Sandra celebrated her 34th birthday in January, and her new caregivers threw her a nice birthday celebration.

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