This Man Didn’t Mind Losing Everything In A Fire As Long As He Had His Dog

On January 7, a sad and touching tale about a 56-year-old man from Mexicali, Baja California, who lost his home to a devastating fire and realized that his closest buddy was what was truly essential in life was posted on numerous social media platforms, says pets-tms.

Despite having a hearing that does not prohibit him from being self-sufficient, Don Mario has run his own business for 10 years, selling cups or automobile tire covers. Mario Alberto Méndez González lives alone with his beloved pet after having to see his ancestors go.

Several inhabitants of the area were able to warn them of the fire, which looked to have begun in the room as a consequence of an electrical short, as Mario slept in the early morning hours. Fortunately, Don Mario was able to flee his flaming home before it spread to other portions of the structure. His Nissan truck, which was loaded with items and added to the ferocity of the fire, was also devoured by flames. As the neighbors waited for the fire department, Don Mario became desperate to save his friend, who was still inside the house. The fire had nearly completely burned the house, but the neighbors forbade him from stepping inside to res.cue it.

When the firefighters came, they saw this dramatic scenario as Don Mario, in a panic, tried dousing the flames with a neighbor’s hose. Mario had no ambition for financial possessions; all he desired was that they benefit his closest buddy.

He indicated to the fir.em.en that his dog was his main concern and that they had the ability to save him. Everyone at the moment anticipated the worst because the animal’s survival was exceedingly doubtful, yet the guy never gave up.

A fir.efi.ghter emerged from the house carrying Don Mario’s dog. He shouted at it when he saw it, and the dog ran into his arms. As he held the dog, he began to cry. Jonathan Bobadilla, a neighbor, and the photographer took the shot and then posted it online after receiving appreciation for it.

Regardless of the monetary losses, what counts most in the narrative is that Don Mario and his dog survived the

The photographs highlighted Don Mario’s kindness of heart and his enduring passion for his buddy. People who heard the news, as well as his neighbors, swiftly arranged a variety of fundraising activities to assist him.

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