This Is Gary, The Meowntaineering Rescue Cat And His Adventures Are Adorable

Cats love snoozing in the comfort of their own home, but as Gary the at shows us, plenty of kitties have a great sense of adventure. The five-year-old rescue, together with his paw rents and dog brothers, goes on hikes and camping trips in the Canadian Rockies.

Meet Gary, a 5-year-old rescue kitty that has one of the best Instagram accounts out there! He’s not just your average floof posing for photos, this cat is a true adventurer who loves hiking, paddling, and mountaineering.

“Gary really likes our adventures, and I work really hard to make sure he’s always happy and comfortable,” said James, Gary’s owner and social media manager. He revealed that Gary’s introduced to new activities slowly, so the cat has time to adjust to them on his own terms. “I’ve created a bit of a monster though because if I don’t take him out enough, he sits at the door and meows,” James explained.

James is a 29-year-old communications professional. When asked how Gary joined their family, James revealed that it was actually his partner’s actions that led to them adopting Gary.

” The reason she picked him out was that he had suffered the same injury as his dog-brother Duke at the same age and they were a matching pair,” he elaborated.

When he and his partner moved to the Canadian Rockies, James was unemployed and decided to start Gary’s account “as a way to maintain a social media presence while he looked for work in my field”.

Gary’s popularity and the following came as an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. On his popular Instagram account, Gary can be seen donning a variety of walking vests on a leash and is often pictured posing next to gorgeous lakes, traipsing through snow, and snuggling in a backpack.






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