This Homeless Man Sleeps With His Dog In His Arms, A Four Paws Angel Who Never Lets Him Down

Look at this homeless man sleeping with a dog in his arms, and he knows for sure that this sweet angel will never betray him.
I’ve always wondered why or how the homeless can afford to feed and keep pets, but seeing this and knowing how hard their lives take that hardness out of my heart. Everybody deserves some love! This post is a tribute to homeless dogs, who love and stick with their homeless owners no matter what.

The Internet is full of funny and weird pictures and stories, but if you look the other way, you will also see many touching and amazing stories and photos, like this story that was posted on Instagram and then went viral.

On Instagram was posted the image of a homeless man holding a dog in his arms, a sight that contains at an equivalent time the sadness of misery, but also the tenderness of affection and then the light of hope. As is so often the case, everyone tends to find out what they need, a touch like in Rorschach’s Stain Test, and projects out what they really carry inside.

Among the feasible readings, one can not think that, although it stands for a depiction of poverty and what it means to determine on the road, this photo conveys a key message. The person and his pup remainder peacefully amongst the eyes of all, giving each other affection and luxury.

The stranger isn’t alone, however, can believe the unconditional love of a faithful friend, a guardian spirit without wings but with four legs!



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