This GIANT Kitty Keeps Growing Up and Loves Hugging His Mom Everyday

For cat lovers, you will be thrilled to see the photos of cats that are so cute and cuddly. Certainly, it will make you want to hug them as much as possible.

Meet Tihon, the giant Maine Coon cat who just wants to cuddle every chance he gets.

“He likes to sit in my arms all the time. He doesn’t like to be alone, and always follows me wherever I go, even the bathroom,” Moscow-based Tihon’s human mom told.

“He is reticent. In Russian ‘Tiho’ is quiet, hence his name. He purrs quietly and lovingly. His mission is always to be near me,” she added.

This cat has a pair of extraordinary and rare eyes – the blue side and the hazel side, and usually wait for its owner at the front door to welcome her return from work. Then its owner will put the cat on her lap and cuddle it.

Even though Tihon has such an impressive physique, he lets the other, smaller cat, be the boss in the house.

Tihon, a very spoiled, well-loved cat, always wanted to be hugged. It seems like Tihon is not interested in all those power games, he just wants to spread love – and the gentle giant does just that, 24/7.

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