This Dog Waits For A Girl After School Every Single Day, And His Love And Dedication Made Him Go Viral

If you had doubts about the affectionate and loyal nature of dogs, you need to meet Ralph. Ralph is a gorgeous Golden Retriever from Lakewood, California, who made friends with a girl who goes to the high school near his house. They didn’t know each other, but he would wait for her every day and she would pet him from under a gap in the gate of Ralph’s home. Elisa shared the story on the internet, and it quickly became an internet sensation. Dogs really are human’s best friends.

One day while driving home after school, 17-year-old Elisa Lee saw a nose of a doggie outside his house – fast forward to now, the two became friends with Lee patting the doggie every day.

“At first I was afraid that he would bite me, since most dogs would bark at you and seem aggressive if you came near their house,” Elisa said when they first met at the start of the school year.

Elisa’s friends encouraged her to pet him after a few days. When she did, Ralph was so happy and excited that he licked and pawed her hand!

“The first time I pet him he was so excited and started licking my hand and pawing at it,” she said. This became their daily ritual after Lee’s school: she has to come to pet the canine over and over again.

“Sometimes he’s not there, probably chewing on a toy or laying in the grass, but if I call his name he is sure to come to the little spot on the right side of the gate where he can see me better,” she said.

Elisa took a photo of Ralph and tweeted about it, making it go viral. He isn’t always around, though, but according to Elisa, “Most of the time, by the time I walk to the spot, he waits there for me to pet him before I leave.”

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