This Cat Eating A Cake On His Birthday Is Hilariously Adorable – Cute Cat

What is better, cats or cakes? A cat eating a cake! Yes, it is as adorable as it sounds and you can see it for yourself in the photos below.

While the content of the cake is not known, we would like to remind all of you cat lovers that sweets are not good for your cat and chocolate can even be lethal.

The cute moggy, who wore a sparkly party hat, licked away enthusiastically at the cake while perched on top of a table, getting it all around its mouth. It then proceeded to try and clean itself with its tongue, before looking extremely guilty for demolishing the treat.

The hilarious pictures were shared on the network and have been seen thousands of times but it is not clear where the cat lives or how old it is.

One person joked that the cat probably asked its owner ‘You promise to delete these photos right?’, while another added that it would have to be the pet’s ‘bathday’ as well as its birthday.

Although most people were delighted by the pictures, some criticized the cat’s owner for feeding it a sugary cake.

But others responded that the treat was most likely to be cat-friendly, suggesting that it could be made out of something like salmon mousse.

Other animal lovers have also been sharing funny photographs of their pet’s birthday celebrations online.

Riley the Bichon Frise-poodle cross became an online sensation after his owner shared an adorable photo of him smizing (smiling with his eyes) on his first birthday, posing at the dinner table with a cake.

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