This Adorable Newborn Kitten Photo Shoot Will Make Your Heart Melt

Meet Calypso, the 6-week-old rescue kitten who now lives with her beloved owners in her happy home. She used to be a farm kitten, so she didn’t have toys and didn’t know what they were. When she met her family for the first time, she was pretty shy and scared.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for her to adapt to her new home and fall in love with members of her family. The family finally got her settled and comfortable.

On April 24, Schaub took out a bunch of props she uses for newborn baby photoshoots in preparation for a client. She was about to wash them, when she noticed Luna snoozing away on the couch and was suddenly struck with a fun idea.

“I picked her up, loosely wrapped her in a blanket, and set her down,” Schaub said.

The photographer began to snap away, treating little Luna just like she would an infant subject.

“The bowl I posed her in is literally a salad bowl from my kitchen,” said Schaub.

My daughter got a new kitten, and as a professional photographer who often shoots newborns – this was the result!

“She didn’t even wake up,” she said. “We had to try to wake her up to get her to open her eyes, but she was very comfortable in there.”

After going viral on Facebook, we decided to sell calendars with even more photos to benefit our local animal rescue!

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