This 40-Pound African Cat Is Reunited With His Owners After Running Away

Spartacus is a magnificent 40-pound African serval cat that was acquired four years ago from a zoo. He’s been living with his family in Merrimack, New Hampshire, for the past several years. It’s worth noting that the family legally owns him and has permission from the state’s department.

The cat had lately gone missing after being by the family dog and fleeing. But don’t worry, we have wonderful news: the cat has been discovered and is OK! Spartacus apparently fled after being startled by the household dog.

“Last night, the dog refused to come in. So my wife pushed open the front door. The dog and cat each other, and he bolted. “He’s gone,” one of the owners told the Associated Press.

The family spent most of the night searching for the cat in the nearby woods. The missing cat was also reported to the police. According to the Daily Mail, the police search was difficult since they didn’t know what to look for. “They had no notion; I had to show them a photo of how they generally appear.”

As I already stated, this was new ground. “It was out of the ordinary for most people here,” Haylie Gulino, Merrimack’s animal control officer, told the Daily Mail. The cat recovered safe and well after three days in the New Hampshire wilderness. “The lost serval cat has been discovered.”

It is in good health despite being imprisoned near its habitat. It has been returned to its owner. “Thank you for all of your attention and shares,” Merrimack Police Department said on Facebook. “Dean and I would want to thank everyone for their assistance and support.

Spartacus has returned home, safe and warm. I personally cannot explain how grateful I am! “I have a connection with this cat, and he is my person,” the owner posted on Facebook.

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