Thirsty Squirrel Approaches Hikers And Asks For A Sip Of Water

The sun’s blazing heat may deplete anyone’s vitality. It is beautiful to observe the majesty of nature, but you should be prepared if you intend to hike or journey, especially in an area with few vegetation, such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Tourists visiting the mentioned location will want plenty of water to keep them hydrated on their long trek to the historical site.

Due to the intensity of the sun and the long hike, it is not recommended that tourists visit there without any water in their backpacks. And just because people require a lot of water on their Grand Canyon trip does not free animals from the thirst and heat of the hot sun. True, one squirrel has demonstrated that when it comes to satisfying their thirst, animals can also do something to suit their demands.

Along the Grand Canyon, a thirsty squirrel tried the unthinkable by approaching a person and stealing a sip from his water bottle. The little creature approached the man and indicated something. The small fuzzy animal appeared to be fixated on the water bottle.

Paul Camps, a guy, recognized the small squirrel and saw that it was acting abnormally. When his partner saw what was going on, she knelt down to grab the small animal. She opened the water bottle and brought it close to the waiting squirrel. When the bottle got close enough for the squirrel to grab, the animal drank from it.

The squirrel appeared thirsty and was hunting for a drink when Paul and his girlfriend arrived. “The squirrel began to follow me and put its arms up to me like it wanted to be picked up,” Paul explained to Storyful. “I gave my water bottle to my girlfriend so I could shoot a photo on my phone, and as I did, the squirrel began to put its arms up towards my girlfriend.”

The squirrel even touched the bottle to keep it stable while sipping water from it. Its little paws were firmly gripping the bottle, determined to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. The sun’s heat was almost terrible, and it was obvious that the small squirrel is thirsty.
Fortunately, passers-by are perceptive and quick to see what the small animal desires. All it wanted was a gulp of cool water. Paul and his girlfriend couldn’t say no to the youngster. Dehydration is dangerous, and this animal must have been very bewildered due to thirst. It was fortunate that Paul and his girlfriend were present to save the day. “Needless to say, we didn’t drink from the same bottle,” Paul laughed when the squirrel finished.

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