The Sad Ending For The Greedy Stupid Python Trying To Swallow The Pet Dog

A stomach-churning video shows a giant python devouring a blanket after mistaking it for a dog.

Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers visits a Yaroomba residence to liberate a huge carpet python that had become entangled in a difficult condition.

When he comes, the enormous python has consumed about a foot and a half of a blanket, and the ravenous serpent is still striving to swallow it. The python got inside the house after being enticed by the aroma of the family dog and mistaking its blanket for the hairy animal.

McKenzie believes the python became confused after picking up dog smell particles with its tongue and mistaken the rough fabric of the blanket for a ‘mammal of some type.’

‘You foolish silly snake,’ he says in the video as he tickles the snake’s tummy in an attempt to release it.

The python eventually regurgitates about a foot and a half of the blanket before McKenzie gently takes up the snake, props it in his bag, and releases it back into the wild.

Carpet pythons are not poisonous, yet they may grow to be four meters long. The species may be found in most regions of Australia and is occasionally seen in tree branches or on the rooftops of buildings and sheds.

They usually eat small animals including rats, possums, birds, and lizards.

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