The response of a cat after seeing how a brave opossum snatches his food has gone viral

‘What happens when you cross a cat and a possum’? And in that case— what happens when that possum tries to steal that cat’s food? We all know cats can be territorial when they feel threatened. And if you threaten their food? They won’t like that at all. But what about possums?

First, the introduction. Surely the cat’s owner thought his feline was more than capable of defending itself because he seemed totally fine with sitting back and documenting from indoors. The ballsy possum walks up and simply starts helping himself to the kitty’s meal. From here, it becomes obvious the cat’s not sure how to handle it.

Rather than the expected paws-of-fury, this pussy reacted with a rather impotent whine to its owner, as if to say ”why are you allowing this to happen to me?” Faced with nothing more than a pretty tame-looking possum, this cat seems to have lost its natural instincts when it comes to protecting its food. Still, it makes for an amusing story, as told by Imgur user MrRogers247.

The look on the kitty’s face is just too much, as it implores its owner. “Come on man, just do something!” The plucky possum will not be budged however, and it looks like this time it’s possum 1, cat 0.
Instead of defending his territory and food, the cat takes an unexpected turn. After some careful consideration (because food requires careful thought, of course), the kitty figures he’ll make the best of things. At this point, his owner is clearly enjoying the spectacle and just as curious as the rest of us. Looks like he’s going to have to share.

Just because the scaredy cat was in a sharing mood, doesn’t mean the possum was too! One defiant look from this tough-as-nails possum is all it takes to make the kitty back away.

According to National Geographic, there are many different species of possums living in North America. In general, they are known as scavengers. “They often visit human homes or settlements to raid garbage cans, dumpsters, and other containers,” the website explains. Scarily enough, the tiny creatures are even known to hunt mice, birds, snakes and chickens! So, despite the fact that this possum is taking what clearly doesn’t’ belong to him, he does come by it naturally, after all.





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