The Lion Promptly Rescued His Fellow Humans From The Evil Hyenas

The seals, surrounded, attack the lone lion but eventually run away to save their lives when they see the other lions.


The video captures the fight in the wilderness in the African National Park. 19-year-old schoolgirl Amber Soames witnessed and recorded the entire scene.

Amber said that she had just arrived at the Satara campsite when she found a lion surrounded by 6 hyenas. The pack of hyenas moved in a circle, gradually closing the distance and cornering the lion.

When they learned that the lion had run out of ways to escape, they rushed in and took turns attacking. The lion tries to fight back fiercely but it is difficult to defend itself because the enemy splits up to attack from many sides.

Knowing that it was impossible to be pitted against lions, the hyenas tried to drain their strength until their prey was exhausted. Blo.od-smelling vultures quickly gathered in the area hoping to get some bait after the fight was over.

It seemed that the lion had to die under the sharp fangs of the hyenas when suddenly 2 other lions came from nowhere. Discovering that their fellow humans are in danger, 2 lions rush to drive away the hyenas, rescuing the poor lion.


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