The Internet Is Going Crazy Over a Cat Refusing To Cuddle With Its Owner – Cat Moment

Cats are not beggars, but choosers when it comes to attracting attention. It’s no surprise that humans can’t get enough of these adorable ᴍᴀᴍᴍᴀʟɪᴀɴ fluffballs. Cats appear to beg to be touched, with their cute but stern expressions, beautiful fur, and elegant poses. But don’t make this blunder, people. Cats, as the center of attention, rarely go without affection, and they get to choose when they want it.

Muji, this four-year-old cat from Japan, perfectly illustrates the point. Though he is as cute and lovely as any other cat, Muji takes his alone time seriously, and shows it very expressly.

Recently, one moment where Muji refused his owner’s cuddles went viral on the internet, and many, especially cat owners, found it funny and relatable. Just recently, a moment of Muji and its owner went viral on the internet.





“Tsundere” is a stock love interest who is usually stern, cold, and sometimes hostile to the person they like and others, for all you baka gaijins out there. They will occasionally reveal their hidden warm and loving feelings. They keep their feelings hidden because they are shy, nervous, insecure, or can’t stop themselves from acting badly in front of their crush.

Tsundere is a Japanese term for a character who ‘bounces back and forth between two distinct moods: ‘tsuntsun,’ which means ‘aloof or irritable,’ and ‘deredere,’ which means ‘lovey-dovey.’





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