The Hilarious Moment Two Snails Give An Amphibian A Princess Leia Look

He appears to be from a galaxy far, far away.

Tanto Yensen, 36, an Indonesian photographer, captured this surprisingly laid-back frog enjoying a Princess Leia moment as two snails slithered up opposing sides of its head.

Mr Yensen, whose hair resembles that of the famed Star Wars heroine, claimed the snails looked to want to ‘play with the frog,’ which is really his four-year-old pet.

The adorable dumpy tree frog stayed still while the pair of snails slithered about its head and shoulders, without even batting an eyelid as they slipped over his eyeball.

Mr. Yensen shoots animals, both wild and domestic, in amusing circumstances in his back garden on a daily basis.

Previous notable images include five tree frogs riding a caiman in Tangerang, a viper slithering into the jaws of a juvenile crocodile, and a praying mantis involved in a fight with another crocodile.

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