The Hairy Frogfish Is A Type Of Fish That’s Covered In Spines

After stumbling across the unusual species while diving, a travel enthusiast caught some great footage of it.

During a trip to the Philippines, John Hawkins captured footage of the marine species, also known as the hairy frogfish.

The fish got its second name from the long and thin dermal spinules that cover its whole body and resemble hair. The fish belongs to the Antennariidae family and can grow to reach about nine inches long.

Striated frogfish have spherical bodies that may stretch and huge mouths that allow them to devour prey the same size as themselves. Because diverse fish try to match the hues of their own distinct environments, the species has no uniform coloring.

The fish may also change its coloration to adapt to a new habitat, but this normally takes a few weeks. The first dorsal spine, which is plainly visible in the video and hangs from the front of the fish, serves as a fishing rod for prey.

Striated frogfish use their fins to attract unsuspecting marine animals before darting out to strike.

On his website, John Hawkins records his various excursions and claims to have met innumerable individuals and scuba diving with magnificent aquatic species.

‘I have been lucky enough to record all of these beautiful things through video and photography, and it is my joy to share all of my experiences with you,’ he said.

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