The Epic Battle As A Giant Anaconda Snake Takes On Member Of The Crocodile Family

These incredible images depict an epic struggle between a big anaconda snake and a member of the crocodile family in a fi.ght to the de.ath.

The green Anaconda at.ta.cked the two-meter Caiman in the marshes of the rainforest where both species inhabit, near the town of Los Llanos in Venezuela.

The gigantic snake approaches the unsuspecting Caimam, a relative of crocodiles and alligators, from below, wrapping its strong body around the reptile and gently squeezing it to de.ath.


Because it lacks, the anaconda – a close relative of the boa constrictor – prefers to squ.eeze the life out of creatures. After subduing its prey, the snake begins the lengthy process of devouring the huge caiman.

The snake can swallow creatures considerably larger than it because it has an elastic-like jaw that allows it to stretch its mouth almost vertically, but it takes a long time to swallow the caiman.

After eating its food, the snake will normally find a location to relax and digest it. Anaconda vs. caiman battles are frequently recorded, and the caiman is typically successful if it can sink its fangs into the snake’s body.

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