The End Of 30 Turtles Who Do Not Want To Cross The River By Swimming Secretly ‘Free Riding’ Such As Hippos

Did he refuse to cross the river, or did he despise swimming?
Thirty turtles bravely climbed on the back of a hippo and had leisure.
In 2018, a hippo was sleeping by the waterside in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

But, when the hippo is looking away, isn’t a tortoise slowly climbing up the hippo’s back? But this was only the start.


It began to multiply from one turtle to three, five, and so on. Perhaps he envied his buddies who sat luxuriously on hippos and the like.


The tortoises riding on the back of a hippopotamus have reached the age of 30. The birds eventually perched on the hippo’s back. Hippopotamus has evolved into a gathering venue.


Unaware that anything was on his back, the hippo jumped over the river, stood up, and began vigorously shaking his body to remove the tortoise from his back.


With a loud gesture, the tortoises riding atop the hippopotamus fell off one by one.

Of course, there were turtles who hung on with persistence.


If that’s the case, did the turtles truly want to cross the river and didn’t want to swim, so they hopped on the back of a hippopotamus?

Turtles, according to park officials, prefer to cling to the surface of rocks, although they may have mistaken them for rocks, such as hippos.

The explanation is that the hippopotamus’s hue is comparable to that of a rock.

In any event, the tortoise that was riding on the hippo’s back fell into the river, and some of them remained stuck to the hippo’s back.

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