The Cave Where Centipedes And Snakes Eat Bats

Huge colonies of bats live in the dark, wet recesses of caves. They seek sanctuary here from the harsh, brilliant daylight and hungry diurnal predators.


Even in the protection of their own underground empires, far above the cavern’s bottom, they remain exposed to ravenous creatures.

One of these ravenous animals is the giant centipede. They can climb straight up tunnel walls and bat colonies using their sticky foot.


The enormous centipedes lift their bodies into the bats’ flight path and wait for a passing bat.

They can trap a bat in a second, biting into its furry body and injecting them with poi.son. The small bats had little chance against the centipede’s might and poi.son.

Centipedes aren’t the only bat-eating creatures in the caverns.

Sta.rving snakes emerge from holes in the cave ceiling and, like the enormous centipedes, extend their bodies out onto the bats’ flight routes in certain caves.

Then, when a bat is within striking distance, they strike.

When a snake captures a bat, it immediately unhinges its jaws and consumes the animal whole.

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