The Adorable Moment A Baby Bear Rescued From Forest Fire Won’t Stop Hugging His Hero

The newborn animal was clearly relieved to have been spared from dan.ger. A bear embrace may appear to be a terrible proposition, but this sweet video proves otherwise.

A guy saved a newborn bear from a forest, and the little animal was obviously grateful. The little bear can be seen wrapping himself around the legs of the savior.

Even when the man attempts to flee, the bear pursues him and will not let go. The man relents and gives the bear a back rub and a hug. The video went viral after it was posted on Imgur with the caption: ‘Bear saved from the forest fire; bear won’t let go of his hero.’

It has received almost 7 million views.

“This is unBEARably sweet,” one person said, while another joked, “He is yours now, sir.” You must treat him as if he were your own child.”

“This melted my heart,” one person commented.


Many users were perplexed as to why the man refused to pick up the tiny bear.

“Why won’t the man pick him up?” one user wondered.

” “Just carry him for heavens sake!” said another.

And one person replied, “This is both lovely and sad.”

This is the story of a girl who attempted to flip from a bridge into the river.

The video became viral as something surprising came out of the water.

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