Terrifying Moment A Pair Of Two Metre Long Pythons Fall Through A Skylight Only To Keep Battling It Out On The Bathroom Floor

A mother filmed this t.er.ri.fying footage of two-meter male pythons curled around one other in a fight after falling through the skylight into her shower.

The horrific film shows two massive snakes twisting and turning on the tiled toilet floor, their tales fully entangled as they strive for control.

Instead of panicking at the t.e.rri.fy.ing sight, Petrina Murphy, 41, a public relations professional, nonchalantly videotaped and shot the terrifying event before gently sweeping the snakes out of her home with a broom.

‘I spotted them twisted around each other through the skylight so I took the broom and used the handle to force them to fall out into the shower,’ said Petrina from Byfield, Queensland. They had completely encircled one other, and their tails were all twisted together. Some viewers have inquired if they’re m.at.ing, but they’re certainly two guys fighting.

‘I knew they weren’t going to assault me even if they were fighting. They were more focused on each other, and pythons are normally rather docile unless you irritate them.’ After they fell through, I shut all the doors so they were just sliding about in the bathroom, and then I swept them away with the broom.

‘They didn’t appear upset when I swept them out. One flew away fast, but the other kept attempting to travel in the direction of the bins, so I talked to it. ‘I must sound insane.’ I’m sure a lot of people would have bolted at the sight of them.

‘It would be like something out of a nightmare for those who are afraid of snakes, but I’ve never been especially afraid of them, and we’re very used to them out here.’

‘I’d rather get rid of them myself and know they’re gone than have to worry about them making their way inside the house on their own.’
‘Waking up with one wrapped around my arm, or them joining Callum and me when we’re watching TV, that would be a surprise.’

‘I’m simply pleased the shower was clean so I could take photographs and film without feeling embarrassed.’ Throughout Australia’s winter months, the snakes have been crawling around on Petrina’s roof, with the mother and her son Callum Murphy, 16, routinely hearing their 15kg bodies ‘thumping’ across the rafters.

Not only has the mother-of-one spent four months fearing that the pythons may join her in front of the TV one night, but she has also had to contend with their pee seeping through the roof.
Instead, Petrina’s scaly guests decided to come when Callum was in the restroom.

Callum shouted out to his mother after hearing a strange sound, and she rushed to check and noticed the snakes wrapped around one other and sliding around on the roof. The window protecting the skylight broke off after being prodded with a broom handle, and the squirming reptiles spilled into the shower.

While most people would have fled a mile, Petrina claimed she would rather have shooed the fierce serpents out of her home than spend another night worried about waking up to one in her bed.

The courageous mother grabbed a broom and swept the reptiles out into the garden, only to become annoyed when one of the annoying pythons kept attempting to settle near her bins, so she dubbed it a ‘prick.’

‘We’ve known there was a snake living on the roof for about four months,’ Petrina explained. We’ve heard it slip about and pound over the rafters up there.

‘Seeing two was unexpected, but we live near a national park, so snakes are nothing new.’

‘The most vexing aspect of having them up there was when they peed. Something would drip through the ceiling, giving the impression that it was water. I became irritated when I realized it was snake pee.

‘Because we haven’t had any rain in nearly three months, the snakes have come hunting for where we store our water.’ They simply want a drink.

‘A lot of people would have spotted them and immediately gotten in their car and driven away, but I’m fine with snakes and spiders, even large ones.’ Ticks are what frighten me.

‘If I discover a tick on me, I’m horrified, but if a snake is in my bathroom, I’m OK.’

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