Teacher Finds Venomous Cobra Hidden Inside Girl’s Schoolbag

In India, a teacher was horrified after being forced to unload a snake from a student’s school bag.

On Wednesday, the footage shows a guy at Badoni School unzipping the bag and dumping the haz.ard.ous serpent in with the rest of the items.

Uma Rajak, a student, had no idea the snake had slithered its way into her backpack and was ignorant of its presence until she reached in for her books.

The cobra, whose ven.om can k.i.l.l up to 20 people with a single bite, had no effect on the small girl or the teacher. At one moment, the snake appears to be ready to st.r.i.ke once it escapes from the sack. It ultimately slithers away, though. Not long ago, a long slithery snake escaped right here in the United Kingdom.

Last month, a reported 18-foot-long python was observed on a roadway near Chandlers Ford, Hampshire.

The snapshot shows a light-colored snake sliding across roof tiles and through an open window.

Onlookers were ter.ri.fied when they noticed it around 5.30 a.m. before individuals inside the home began prodding it with a broom.

The event even prompted one individual to demand that giant snakes be prohibited as pets in the United Kingdom.

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