Talented Foxes Steal A Camera To Take Photos Of Each Other

Say cheese! These attractive foxes are spotted stealing shots of one another while playing with a photographer’s camera. The animals are bold enough to approach the camera and begin staging their own photoshoot, posing for one another. They grabbed for the dog food through the lens, but instead of clicking away, they clicked with their rear legs.

Julian Ghahreman Rad, 24, of Vienna, Austria, posted the photos at Vienna’s National Park but explained that he had to wait for the foxes to approach. “I had to hide away in my tent for a few hours, but then they unexpectedly appeared, and I was able to capture the images,” he continued.

It was just those in-between moments that you can’t get anyplace else. I’m lucky to be able to catch both in a single photograph. It was well worth the four-plus hour wait while hiding in my tent.”

When the characters initially glance into the lens and then back the other way, they are unsure which way to look. They appear to have swiftly realized what was going on after peeking around the lens to adjust their stances.

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