Stunned By Strange Creatures Like Coming From Aliens

It appears to be a creature from an extraterrestrial horror movie, but it is actually conchoderma auritum – rabbit-eared humor. It is a maxillopod species from the ancient family Lepadidae.

They are prevalent in European, African, and New Zealand seas. Conchoderma auritum may grow to be fairly huge, up to 13 cm long.

They have a mucous head, translucent skin, and a pink tint, the top has two appendages that resemble “rabbit ears,” each “ear” contains water filter valves, the mouth has numerous hard legs to filter for food, and the remainder of the body may cling to whales or mold buoys or ledge in the sea.

As shown in the video above, they are still alive and clinging to the bottom of an ocean liner, with their legs jutting out slightly. Conchoderma auritum is also known as Humpback Whale Goose-Neck Barnacle because it clings to the necks of humpback whales.

In actuality, they attach to the shell of another kind of oyster known as Coronula (the white shell shown above), which normally parasitizes whales. Up to 50 Conchoderma auritums can be seen adhering to the single Coronula shell.

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