Stray Puppies Won’t Stop Hugging Each Other Since They Were Rescued

Who doesn’t like a good dog story? Dogs have always been “man’s best friend” for many years. When they make friends with one another, that bond can last a lifetime. This was the case for two abandoned puppies that just couldn’t get enough of one another even though they were rescued from the streets.

When first saw pictures of these two puppies on social media, couldn’t get them out of my mind. There’s something about seeing the bigger one hold his little friend that’s both adorable, but also makes you pray that they’ve got someone looking out for them.

The strays were found wandering around the streets together, confused and scared.

Most people simply ignored them. After all, strays are common in Vietnam. Luckily, Buddhist nuns decided to take them in and give them a home in their temple reports The Daily Mail. That is when the cuteness really started!

Though the bigger pup still looks too tiny and helpless to even take care of himself, he keeps on holding his younger friend dearly in protection.

One can’t help but wonder what the two have experienced in the streets before being taken to the temple that has made them look so scared and vulnerable. Luckily, the two are in good hands now. Every day, the two adorable puppies are becoming more and more comfortable and confident in their new surroundings. They’re getting used to their new home and even trying to learn meditation from the nuns. Just look at that Zen pose! Everything will be alright. Even so, one thing is for sure now, they are definitely happy to still have each other in their forever home.

We hope that they know that they are now in safe hands! It’s wonderful to see that these puppies got off of the streets and into a stable home.


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