Stray Kitten Sneaks His Way into Officer’s Heart and Claims His Spot as Her Shoulder Cat

As Officer J.N. Rowsey of North Carolina’s Durham Police Department headed to work earlier this week, she had no idea she’d wind up on a call that would change her life. But by day’s end, there’d be two lives that were changed for the better.

Two Durham police officers, E.L. Masnik and J.N. Rowsey were on patrol when they saw the “tiny kitten” near Linwood Avenue and Dawkins Street, according to a social network post from the department.

The kitten appeared “frighted and alone,” so the officers brought it into the patrol car. Photos from the department show the fur ball wrapped in a towel and also perching on the shoulder of one of the officers.

Hoping to find the kitten’s family, the officers began to ask around the neighborhood while they searched for a mother cat and other kittens. After much effort, no one came forᴡᴀʀd to claim the tabby, and it became clear that the kitten was by himself and had no home to go to.

“[They] searched the neighborhood in an attempt to find the kitten’s owner or its mother,” the Durham Police Department wrote. “But [they] had no luck.”


What began as a routine stop to help an animal in distress ended with the start of a new friendship that will last a lifetime.

“The lucky kitten found a new home with one of the officers,” the police department wrote. “[She] quickly made [herself] comfortable and appears very happy to have found a new home with Officer Rowsey.”

The pint-sized kitten quickly made himself comfortable after a cuddle session with his rescue. He climbed onto her shoulders and decided that was the spot to stay.

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