Stray Kitten Chooses His New Dad In A Park, And Wouldn’t Let Him Go

Sometimes we chose our pets, but most times, they’re the ones who choose us, like this story of Vell-chan and her human, Kawasaki Hina.

One summer while Kawasaki Hina was going through his usual route when commuting, he walked through a park when suddenly, a little stray kitten started following him. At first, he thought she was just being friendly but apparently, the cat had other plans.

The cat would chase Kawasaki’s feet and stand on his shoes. He tried to leave her behind her by walking on opposite directions but the cat kept following him. The stray kitten latched on to Kawasaki and she was so persistent and

It was unclear why the cat chose to follow Hina, but he was carrying the little thing in a box back to his place before he even knew it.

Amused and feeling touched by the cat’s gesture, Kawasaki went home with her and decided to give the cat a forever home. Kawaski named her Vell-chan and immediately after bringing her home, the cat snuggled onto his side and felt so at home in Kawasaki’s house, as if she knew she was going to live there forever.

“She fell asleep immediately back at my house,” Hina said. “She is like a family to me. I think she also loves me. We’ll be together forever,” he added. The kitten then was named Vell. She is now a fine 3 years old cat.

The two is apparently very attached. Vell would follow Hina’s every step around the house and keep him company while he do housework. Not even surprising, right? She’s been doing this since day one, anyway!





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