Stray Cat Comforts an Abandonded Puppy That Waits For Its Owners to Return

When things get bad and scary, we all need a friend to comfort us in all our troubles. For the abandoned pup in the story below, that friend is a homeless cat.

This is the story of a small, empathetic feline who has gone viral after being seen comforting an abandoned dog. This dog and cat duo was seen wandering the streets in Korea and therefore, the neighbors noticed that they weren’t typical street animals. The dog was sad, not knowing where to travel or what to eat because it had been clearly a household pet. When the 2 met, they became best friends and supported one another in these adverse times. Since then, they need always walked together and shown one another affection.

The cat is elusive and seems to run off when people approach the pair:

“They don’t leave here looking at something in the same place, but the strange thing is that every time people pass by, the dog tries to check everyone’s face, unlike the cat that runs away,” says a resident.

The sad thing was that the dog was abandoned by his previous owners. The residents of Unit 103 from this apartment building transferred to a senior care home where pets weren’t allowed to go in. They had no choice but to leave the dog outside the apartment. He was trying to search for a familiar face in the sea of people that came in and out of the building. The residents knew about this, and they felt sorry for the dog. He has been outside for six months already.

“The cat has become the simplest friend and angel of an abandoned dog that appears for his family and waits within the same place all day,” adding report said.

Regardless of the mini home, the stray pup still prefers to lie down at the entrance of the building while accompanied by its loyal feline companion. He probably felt like they have the same story since they found each other in the streets. They found comfort in each other and never left each other’s side. It’s adorable how they curl up and cuddle together at night.

“They hug to keep warm when they sleep together at night. Maybe they think they are in the same situation since they met on the street. They know they are different, but they get along well, they comfort each other ”.

Residents noticed the paw-some duo and fed them from time to time. They left them some food in bowls. One resident even made a makeshift shelter so the two could stay inside and keep themselves safe when it’s cold and windy outside.

“The animals were raised by some elderly people, but they were abandoned because they were moved to an elderly care facility,” the neighbor added. During this center, they didn’t allow animals, so they were left on the road.


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