Snake Bites 70-Year-Old In Gujarat Who Bites It Back To Take Revenge, Both Die

In an unusual event, a farmer from the Gujarat hamlet of Mahisagar was working on his field when he back a snake that had bi.t.ten him. The infuriated the man to the point of wanting to .k.i.l.l the snake. According to TOI, Parvat Gala Baria, 70, snatched up the snake and physically swallowed it in rage. According to the man’s daughter-in-law, another relative who watched the entire incident seized the snake and burned it.

The relative then transported Baria to a neighboring hospital with the remnants of the k.i.lled snake. Unfortunately, Baria was not treated right away. He was transferred between three hospitals: a government, a private, and a civic hospital. It merely goes to highlight how inefficient our country’s medical facilities are. The poor man di.ed as a result of the to.x.ic bi.te.

A Nepali guy laboring in his rice crop followed the snake that a.t.t.a.cked him, grabbed it, and it till it di.ed in a similar event in 2012.

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