Scientists Discover New Species Of ‘Blind Snake’ In Brazilian River

Please forgive us if this deters you from eating your meal but, as snakes go, this one isn’t much of a charmer. Atretochoana eiselti was discovered when engineers emptied a hydroelectric dam that crosses a river-related to the Amazon.

Six of the strange-looking animals, each approximately a meter long, were discovered at the bottom of the Madeira river in Rondonia, Brazil, by biologists.

The animals were discovered in November, but it took until today for experts to accurately name the snake’s species, confirming that it is a rare critter that has only been sighted intermittently since 1968. It is really more closely related to salamanders and frogs, yet it resembles a snake in appearance.

‘Of the six we caught, one perished, three were released back into the wild, and another two were held for investigations,’ said Julian Tupan, a biologist for Santo Antonio Energy, the firm that built the dam.

They are not reptiles, despite their appearance, and are more closely related to salamanders and frogs.’ ‘We suspect the animal breathes via its skin and presumably feeds on tiny fish and worms,’ Mr Tupan continued, although nothing has been verified.

When it comes to reptiles and amphibians, the Amazon is a treasure trove. ‘There is still a lot more to explore.’

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