Sad Dog Found Riding A Bus All Alone Needs A Forever Home After Nobody Came To Look For Her

Last week, the 620 First Bus in West Yorkshire picked up a lonely traveler. An abandoned Staffie-mix boarded the bus in Bierely and then sat all alone, breaking everyone’s hearts. The dog was taken to Cliffe Kennels. The dog felt deep loneliness waiting for his owner but this was in vain.

Those who were present on the bus took pictures of the dog. They posted the picture on social media hoping that the owner of the dog would appear. Image of the solitary dog riding the bus made the rounds on social media and captured headlines around the world. She sat quietly in her seat and looked around with sad eyes while she sniffed the air as if looking for someone who wasn’t there.

Very soon the dog was then taken to Cliffe Kennels where she was nicknamed Olive and looked after while waiting for her owner to appear. However, days passed without anyone coming forward to claim her; it looked like she was truly alone in the world.

But Olive’s luck was about to turn. Gemma Burton, who’d ridden the bus with Olive, had snapped a picture of the doleful pup and shared it on social media in the hope someone adopts he and her will have a forever home.

Gemma’s post quickly went viral; it was shared thousands of times on Facebook and the story was picked up by various news sites.

People from all over the world were sending their love and hoping to give Olive her happy ending.


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